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The promise is excellence and value. The service is fast, easy, friendly . . . and the best value in town!

Because we are a mortgage bank, the process is not only fast and easy, but a top value as well. If the bank isn’t a good fit, as a broker we have we have access to over 40 other lenders.

We are FAST — Since mid 2013, every loan we’ve done has been closed on time and in less than three weeks…often in 15 days. We make it EASY — A borrowers personal circumstances always dictates the ease of the transaction. When a borrower responds to our request for specific information on a timely basis, and follows provided guidelines, the loan process will be relatively easy. VALUE - As a mortgage bank, we are always among the top lenders with the lowest rates available. And if the borrower does not qualify through the bank, we’ll find the best possible rate through our extensive lender network. If it’s not going to be fast and easy, the borrower will know up front.

To learn more, check out our complete list of services. If you are in the process of buying, have a look at the purchase options and get a quick quote. If you are thinking about refinancing, let’s do a FAST & EASY MORTGAGE REVIEW, just to make sure the numbers and savings make sense for you.

Check it out . . . and call Deon today!
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Lowest Payments
The Pay Advantage Program
  • Purchase or Refinance
  • No monthly MI
  • 5% down or 5% equity

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Best Rates
The Red Carpet Program
  • Qualify w/760 FICO, 70% LTV, $250k Loan Amount
  • Great rates for FHA, too!

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Fastest Turn Times
Fastest in the Industry
  • 20 days or less for qualifying buyers
  • On time, every time

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